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I have been vegetarian for fourteen years and all of my 'proper cooking' is centred around vegetarianism.  Over the years I have found published cookery books which I find particularly useful and devised several of my own recipes.  On this page I am going to share with you some of my favourite vegetarian cookery books and also some of the meals I have created myself.  

Book                                                   Author                                            Publisher

The Cranks Recipe book                     D. & K. Canter, D. Swann              Panther Granada Publishing

Entertaining with Cranks                      K. Canter, D. Swann                       J M Dent & Sons Ltd

Vegetarian Pasta                                 Rose Elliot                                       Harper Collins

The Cranks Recipe book  is good for 'everyday' meals.  Two of my favourites are Vegetable crumble and Creamy leek croustade.

Entertaining with Cranks is, as the title suggests,  aimed primarily at entertaining.  There are some lovely recipes in this book.  One of my 'all time favourite' meals is to be found here - Rice and vegetable bake.  It can be prepared in advance without detracting from the taste and has been a great hit every time I have made it for friends.  The only variation I make to the recipe is to increase the amount of topping.  To round off your meal, there are some delicious desserts - continental apple slice, tropical bananas etc.

Vegetarian Pasta is my newest vegetarian cookery book. There are one hundred and fifty recipes and it is the most attractive and easy to use book of the three.  There are plenty of colour photos, which will whet your appetite if you enjoy pasta dishes.  My favourite recipe from this book (so far), is mushroom cannelloni in  bechamel sauce - it is absolutely delicious.

More books will be added in due course.

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