Attractions Close to Cardiff

Castell Coch

Castell Coch looks down at the passerby from its hilltop location, off of the A470.  With its round towers and pointed roofs, it very much has the appearance of a typical 'fairytale castle.'  You can visit both the castle and its grounds.  

Cosmeston Lakes and Medieval Village

Situated between Cardiff and Barry, this is a pleasant place for a walk.  There are ducks and swans on the lake which are always happy to come and eat your bread!  There is also a reconstruction of a medival village - which I have yet to visit!

Museum of Welsh Life at St Fagans

I would highly recommend visiting  this museum, as it is so different from most other 'museums.'  Many houses from different time periods and from different parts of Wales have been brought here and then re-erected in the grounds, complete with original furniture - such as it was.  It is a fascinating journey through time and shows clearly the types of houses people have lived in over the last 500 years.  The grounds are pretty much divided into two areas - the side where all the houses are located, and the side which leads you through lovely grounds and gardens until you reach St Fagans Castle - which is really an Elizabethan mansion.  There is also an indoor area which houses a wide variety of objects recalling life in Wales over the past few centuries. To fully appreciate what there is to see here, you must allow a full day - from opening to closing time - if you've got the stamina to walk around the whole area.  There is a coffee shop/restaurant, an excellent gift shop and a few picnic sites. You can also buy delicious organic bread and other Welsh specialities from the bakery which is situated near the row of shops. The only drawback, especially if you have young children, is that there are not many toilets scattered around the place -although they have added a few more in the last couple of years.


Techniquest is very much a 'hands on' place and a very popular choice with younger members of the family and anyone who enjoys making scientific discoveries!  There is a small planetarium and there are always events going on during the school holidays. The gift shop offers a range of merchandise - mostly of a scientific nature.

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