Cardiff Castle is definitely worth a visit. Starting in the 1860's it was gradually restored - the interior (designed by William Burges) is very colourful and has a medieval feel to it.  If you wish, you can pay extra for a guided tour of the interior, but if you definitely want the full tour, make sure you check first that there is not a private function going on in the castle. When we visited, we had to have the short tour which involved climbing 101 spiral steps to the top of the clock tower.  The climb is not as bad as it sounds, as it is broken by a couple of rooms which are well worth seeing.

On the left you can see the 'Winter Smoking Room'.  At the top of the clock tower is the 'Summer Smoking Room.'  Mid way up the clock tower is a guest bedroom.  Although there isn't a bed left in it now, you can still see the original sink and bath,  both of which are made of marble . The sink is inlaid with silver fish and the bath with bronze creatures - giving it the nickname of 'burnt bum bath.'  You can also see a fairly small area which was where the servants worked.



If you climb to the top of the keep, you will be rewarded with far reaching views of Cardiff and the surrounding area.





In the grounds you can see stretches of Roman wall which are 10ft thick.
On the right is a picture of the 12th Century keep.  



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