Bike Trails

We always take our bikes with us as the whole of the Peak District is criss-crossed with bike trails. If you don’t have bikes or don’t want to take them with you, there are plenty of bike hire places around – for example at Ashbourne, Parsley Hay or Derwent.


So far we have done the following:-

Manifold Track – 9 miles along a disused railway line cutting through two river valleys. You can start at Waterhouses village where there is also a cycle hire centre.


Tissington Trail – 13.5 miles along a disused railway line – very pretty! Ashbourne marks one end of the trail.

The Monsal Trail
– shorter than the other trails.

High Peak Trail – over 30 miles along a disused railway. If you like open fields and dry stone walls, this is the trail for you!

We have enjoyed all of the trails for different reasons and look forward to discovering those still awaiting us.

One word of warning – we once started on the High Peak Trail at completely the wrong place (at a canal near Matlock – possibly the Middleton Top station - can’t really remember – have tried to block it out!) and ended up pushing our bikes for a couple of miles up a VERY steep hill. We kept thinking that once we got to the brow of the hill it would level out – but there was just another brow to head for! It was very tiring – especially as the boys were much younger then. On the return journey, because the hill was so steep we had to walk back down it, so we didn’t even have the luxury of freewheeling down it!!


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